In the Finishing Stages:

(In the SURVIVE! Workshop: being finished, sharpened, built, and packed up)
  • GSO-4.1:  All remaining GSO-4.1 orders are on the shipping table being pack up. We will be making the remaining GSO-4.1s available very shortly.
  • GSO-7/7:  With the last of the GSO-4.1s being finished, we are now able to focus more attention on completing the last of the GSO-7/7 preorders. These will begin leaving the shop in regular batches over the next few weeks.
  • GSO-4 Limited: We are finishing up these orders and getting them shipped over the next few weeks. We'll have the last handful of extras available shortly.
  • GSO-3.5: We've been slipping a few blades through surface finishing and handles are being machined. The blades look great and we are anticipating this run to finish out very smoothly and quickly.

*Factory 2nds and Ugly Betty knives will be made available as part of our Monthly Sales, as we come across them while working on fulfilling existing preorders.

***Please note: There is a lot going on in the SURVIVE! Workshop these days.  We are doing our best to get through existing preorders, but it will take several weeks from when preorders for a particular model start shipping out, until they are all fulfilled. The building table is also the shipping table, so we have to work on things in batches.***

In Production:

  • SK-3.5: Being in production along side their GSO counterpart, these will be finishing up right behind the GSO-3.5 preorders.
  • GSO-12 / SK-12: We did have an unexpected delay with these at heat treat. Processing this big production batch and keeping the large, heavy blades straight during hardening is proving more challenging than expected. Peters' is tirelessly working through them though and we have a solution for getting those larger blades processed more quickly in the future. 
  • GSO-6 / SK-6: Blades are on the mill and will be heading to Peter's Heat Treat as perimeter machining steps are finishing up.
  • GSO-4.5: The last few sheets of GSO-4.5 steel have been cut on the water jet and we're setting up to begin initial machining steps.
  • GSO-10 / SK-10: Blades are cutting on the water jet!!
  • GSO-8 and GSO-5.1 / SK-5.1: The steel for these is next to the water jet now and will both begin cutting shortly.

Future Production:

  • We do have steel for the following models and will update their production status as they get closer to cutting:
    • SURVIVE! F1 (Folder #1)
    • EDC-2
    • GSO-5.5
    • EDC-3
    • GSO-4.7
    • Necker 2
  • Additional models will be added to the production schedule once these are further along. This includes some that you know and love but also a few more exciting new models.

This page will be updated as new information is available.  The last update was on May 2nd, 2019.

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