• GSO-3.5: Preorders are shipping out regularly
  • GSO-3.5 Factory 2nds: Existing orders are being shipped each week and we expect to be caught up quickly.
  • GSO-12:
    • Preorders will start shipping soon
    • blades are at surface grinding, bevel grinding, and being surface finished
    • handles are being machined
    • fasteners are getting their tumbled and black oxide finishes
    • sheaths are being designed
  • GSO-6 :
    • Preorders are getting sharpened and will be starting to ship as soon as sheath attachments arrive.
    • blades are at surface grinding, bevel grinding, and being surface finished
    • handles are being machined
    • fasteners are ready
    • sheaths are done, except for clip attachments
  • SK-12 and SK-6 preorders will be fulfilled as GSO-12 and GSO-6 knives with tumbled blade finishes, due to the SK Series being discontinued.  Read more here.
  • GSO-4.5:
    • blades are at surface grinding
    • handle materials are on hand
    • fasteners are on order
  • GSO-10:
    • blades are at surface grinding
    • Micarta is on hand and G10 will be ordered soon
    • fasteners are on order
  • GSO-8:
    • blades are at heat treat
    • Micarta is on hand and G10 will be ordered soon
    • fasteners are on order
  • GSO-5.1
    • blades are wrapping up at perimeter machining
    • all handle materials are in stock
    • fasteners are on order
  • SURVIVE! TSK and EDC-2: The first batch of these are perimeter machined and are being heat treated soon. 
    • Because these blades were specifically designed to reduce waste, they are not pulling materials from other models.  We are also taking care to make sure they do not impact regular production.  They are both very small batch runs that are being worked on during gaps in larger production scheduling.  With these knives being smaller in size as well as overall numbers they will be completed more quickly than other models.
  • GSO-4: Steel sheets will be on the water jet as the schedule allows
  • GSO-3: These will be cutting along side the GSO-4.
  • GSO-4.7/GSO-5.5 cutting is scheduled to begin shortly.

A note about preorder deliveries:

2020 has been a weird year for everyone. The lockdown in the beginning of this year put an unexpected pause on our workshop. Then, a couple of months after getting back up to full speed we realized that the surface grinding was slowly falling behind, and blades were starting to stack up.

Guy spent some time at the grinder to understand the process and figure out a better way to keep production moving. While he was able to setup some now processes there, it still made sense to investigate alternative solutions that would be able to keep up as production grows. The new Blanchard has been fully rebuilt and will be heading to Idaho as soon as they can find the right truck to get it moved across the country.

We plan to use this setback to our advantage by changing up the way we deliver these preorders to you. In the past we’ve worked on one or two models at a time, finishing an entire production run before moving to another. Now, all of the production aside from heat treat happens in our workshop, so we can have some of each model at every step. We will be starting to get some of the oldest preorders fulfilled the soonest, regardless of what model it is.

Because we are still getting back on track, we will be waiting to update delivery schedules until the new Blanchard is up and running parts.

 Future Production:

We've made the decision to temporarily suspend production beyond the GSO-4.7 and GSO-5.5. After the models that are currently in production are wrapped up, we will be taking a break for a bit. We'll be back, but on a much more limited basis moving forward.  Read More...

Please note:

 - There is a lot going on in the SURVIVE! Workshop these days.  We are doing our best to get through existing preorders, but it will take several weeks from when preorders for a particular model start shipping out, until they are all fulfilled.

 - In addition to being a small team, the building table is also the shipping table, so we have to work on things in batches.

This page will be updated as new information is available.  The last update was on October 2nd, 2020.

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As the world reacts to covid-19 there are a lot of factors that are beyond our control.  Through these uncertainties we will be doing everything we can to stay on schedule and will update delivery estimates if necessary.  For now, we are fully stocked on the materials that we need and are still in the workshop to keep production moving.  Please see our covid-19 information page for full details.