Our top priority in the SURVIVE! workshop right now is fulfilling the oldest open preorders. That includes the GSO-12, GSO-5.1, GSO-10, and GSO-8. Those models are all at various stages of final machining and finishing. See below for more details about where these and the other SURVIVE! knives are at in the manufacturing process. 

Click on each model for more detailed information about where it is in the production process.

In Finishing

At Final Production Steps: Knives are shipping now or preparing to ship soon!

Because of their lagre size it did take a bit longer to figure out the best production methods for the GSO-12. For example, we did extensive testing to find a new wheel that makes it much quicker to surface grind these big knives, learn more...

They are still more time consuming than small-medium blades but they are going out in regular batches. We have all of the fasteners and sheaths in house already and we are doing our best to fulfill orders as quickly as possible while maintaining our high standards.

The GSO-5.1 preorders are shipping out now. We have a ton of handles getting microtextured. These will keep getting built and heading out each week.

Tac 4 and Tac 5 sheaths are here! We are getting those sheaths put together and will have all Tac Series orders shipped in mid-May.

TSK blades are all done with machining and have already been finished. Handle materials are cut and will be getting machined soon. This is a very small batch run that is being worked on during gaps in larger production scheduling. They will go very quickly as soon as handles and fasteners are completed.

At Final Machining

Shipping in 1 to 3 months

GSO-10 blades are getting bevel ground and finished. Handle materials are getting cut and machining will start as soon as the mill catches up. Fasteners have arrived and look great!

These will be more time consuming because of their size. Fortunately, we limited ordering for this run. There are a lot less preorders to fulfill compared to the more recent production runs.

The GSO-8 blades are done at surface grinding and most have already been bevel ground. Handle blocks have been cut out and will be getting machined soon.

These little blades were added to cutting programs for much thicker knives so they will be getting a quick surface grind to get them to a more reasonable size. They are just waiting their turn for surface grinding before moving to the next stages.

This is a very small batch run that is being worked on during gaps in larger production. The EDC-2 was specifically designed to reduce waste and is not pulling materials away from other models. We will be using extra pieces of handle materials to fulfill these orders.

The GSO-4.7 blades have are back in our workshop getting surface ground.

Pre-Heat Treat Machining

Shipping in 4 to 6 months

GSO-3 blades are at Peters' Heat Treating.

The GSO-4 blades are at heat treat.

GSO-5.5 blades have been water jet and are waiting their turn for perimeter machining.

The Necker II blades have been cut and will be on the mill soon.

The Vendetta Series knives have started production. Some are at perimeter machining and others are at heat treat.

The EDC-2.7 blades are cut and will be getting perimeter machined in the next few weeks.

The EDC-4 blades are cut and will be getting perimeter machined in the next few weeks.

The GSO-4.5 Bushcraft blades have been waterjet cut and will be getting perimeter machinged in coming weeks before they head off to heat treating.

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This page will be updated as new information is available. The last update was on May 06th 2022.

Here is some order fulfillment data so you can follow along as we get caught up. We will do our best to update these each month to share our progress with you.

This table shows the percentage of orders that have been fulfilled from each year. The last open orders from 2015-2019 are for the large blades or GSO-5.1s. All of those models are at finishing now so those years will all be to 100% within the next few months.

This chart is used to show the proportion of open orders in our system. We created this so you can see that as each model finishes production we do our best to ship the oldest preorders first. We are working hard to get caught up so that this chart becomes obsolete.