An important note about production:

The GSO-3.5, GSO-6, and GSO-12 orders are currently being finished and shipped. As those runs are completed, the oldest open orders will start being fulfilled. The GSO-4.5, GSO-10, GSO-8, and GSO-5.1 orders will all be getting worked on in alternating batches.

These production runs have taken way longer than we had intended. We know the wait was not expected and has been extremely frustrating because it has been frustrating for us too. Now that we are manufacturing the knives ourselves there will be no further delays. These knives are already part way through production, and we will be getting them finished and shipped as quickly as possible over the next few months.

If you would like more information about the delays and why we've had troubles with delivery estimates in the past we put together a long video to talk about it.  You can find that on our YouTube channel: here.

The delivery estimates listed below are based on our current production capabilities.   We have every intention of shortening these timeframes.  As we get settled in to being our own manufacturer things will naturally become more efficient, we will always be looking for ways to improve the production process, and we are actively hiring and cross-training teammates. 

Click on each model for more details about where it is in the production process.

In Finishing

Shipping Now

The GSO-3.5 orders are shipping in regular batches. All of the CPM-20CV orders have been shipped and the last of the CPM-3V orders are getting built and sharpened in the next couple of weeks.

The GSO-6 orders are being built and sharpened. We are currently planning to have all orders fulfilled by the end of June, with orders shipping out in the order that they were placed.

If your order is marked as 'built' in our system it will be shipping out as soon as it is sharpened, within a week or two.

The GSO-12 blades are being finished as soon as they have been ground. Preorders are getting built and continue to ship in regular batches.

Because of their size, the sharpening system needs to be adjusted to work on the GSO-12. We will be sharpening them in larger batches when the GSO-3.5 and GSO-6 orders are fulfilled.

The GSO-4.5 blades are being surface and bevel ground. These will start heading up to the finishing side of the workshop by next week. Handles are getting machined and fasteners are starting to arrive. The oldest GSO-4.5 preorders will be fulfilled first, starting to go out as the GSO-6 orders are finishing up.

Delivery estimates will be updated here once we have all materials and knives are starting to ship.

At Final Machining

Shipping in 2 to 6 months

Tac 4 and Tac 5 blades were surface ground prior to heat treat so they are ready to start bevel grinding. Handle materials have been cut out and are starting to be machined. These should be starting to ship out in July.

GSO-10 blades are back from heat treat and are up on our Blanchard grinder. We have handle materials and will be cutting them up shortly. Fasteners are on order.

These will be more time consuming because of their size. But we limited ordering for this run so there are a lot less preorders to get through compared to the more recent production runs. Check back here for delivery estimates. We will be getting accurate information put together as soon as we can.

The GSO-8 blades will be working their way through final production machining alongside the GSO-10. These blades are heat treated and at surface grinding. Handle materials will be getting cut out as we get closer to finishing blades.

TSK blades are at surface grinding. Handle material will be getting cut out soon. This is a very small batch run that is being worked on during gaps in larger production scheduling. We expect to get this production run completed more quickly because they are smaller in size as well as the overall number of knives.

Pre-Heat Treat Machining

Shipping in 4-8 months

This popular model is moving through production again! With the delays from previous production methods and blades stacking up at surface grinding we hadn't been putting as much emphasis on the pre-heat treat models as we would have liked. Now that we have complete control over production we are removing the bottlenecks. You will be seeing a lot more updates about the GSO-5.1 and other models that are further down the production schedule. Check back for updates and a delivery estimate.

These little blades were added to cutting programs for much thicker knives so they will be getting a quick surface grind to get them to a more reasonable size. They have already been perimeter machined so they will head straight to heat treat after surface grinding.

This is a very small batch run that is being worked on during gaps in larger production. The EDC-2 was specifically designed to reduce waste and is not pulling materials away from other models. We will be using extra pieces of handle materials to fulfill these orders. Once they have been heat treated we will update this page with a delivery estimate.

The following production runs will go much more smoothly than previous runs because the entire shop is fully focused on SURVIVE! products, for the first time ever! These knives are being made by us, from start to finish. Additionally, preordering was limited for these models so there are a lot less knives being made all at once. We have been handling our own production for several months now with exciting results, check out some of the details in our '100 Days' News post and @SurviveKnives on Instagram.

GSO-3 blades have been cut and perimeter machining will start in the next couple of weeks.

The GSO-4 is up on the waterjet.

The GSO-4.7 blades will be getting cut out next. Now that we are starting smaller production runs they won't have to wait too long.

GSO-5.5 blades will be getting cut out next.

The Necker II will start being added to openings on current cut programs and we will be cutting full sheets after the GSO-4.7 and GSO-5.5 blades have been cut out.

The Vendetta Series knives will be starting production in the next few weeks. Follow @surviveknives to see them on the waterjet!

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This page will be updated as new information is available. The last update was on June 05th 2021.