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The SURVIVE! TSK(Tactical Steak Knife) is an all new design for 2020. With a maximum blade height of only .75", this slim design is light enough to be carried in almost any situation. The generous 4" blade length ensures you've still got plenty of cutting power when you need it.

Our Torx T-25 style fasteners are produced with  high quality stainless steel.  Key features of the kydex sheaths include: excellent retention, drain channels, and several attachment options with slots and eyelets, in addition to the kydex clip.  The satin stonewash finish on the blade provides extra durability while maintaining a sharp enough spine for use with most ferro rods.

Production and Delivery Information:

The TSK is in production right now.  For the most up to date information check our Production Schedule page. 

Delivery estimates will be updated as soon as the new 5-axis mill arrives and we can get accurate run times for all of the machines.  For the first time ever we have complete control over the production process and everything is working toward a common goal.  Even though we are still getting caught up, new orders will not take nearly as long as previous preorders have.

A bit about the steel used in SURVIVE! Knives:

CPM-3V is a high alloyed tool steel, made using the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process, that has a very high impact toughness and excellent edge holding. Being made with the CPM process, this steel is also very resistant to lateral stress (flex) breakage, making it a perfect choice for a high performance, hard use knife. CPM-3V is not a stainless alloy and can stain if not cared for.  Check out the CPM-3V Data Sheet.

- You are not required to purchase a kydex sheath with your order but it is HIGHLY recommended that you do so. 
- We do not have a set delivery date for preordered knives, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive regular production updates.

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