• Next Monthly Sale: TBD


SK Series:

The SK Series from SURVIVE! will be completed before you place your order and shipped within 1-5 business days.  Our office and shipping room hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Mountain time.  

These knives are currently in production, with the SK-3.5 slated to be available first.  Keep an eye on the Production Schedule to know when these and other SK Series models are finishing up and ready to be listed for sale.

GSO Series:

As we work through the remaining GSO models in production, models that are just starting production will be available for a “last chance” preorder. This is your last chance to get your order in for the current production run.  After preorders have been fulfilled additional knives will be made available, while supplies last.  While working on fulfilling orders we occasionally come across blades with minor cosmetic blemishes.  These are sold as Factory 2nd knives and will be listed for purchase during the next month's sale.

  • Monthly Sales Information: The monthly sales will be available one day a month, on a random day and time.  At the time of sale the knives are built and on the schedule to be sharpened and shipped within 30 days, unless otherwise noted.  Check this How to Buy page to know when knives are being listed and what models will be available.  
  • Limited Production Runs: There are currently a couple of "Limited" edition production runs that are being worked on right now.  Both the GSO-4 Limited and GSO-2.7 Limited production runs are being made with blade blanks that had once been shelved for not meeting the SURVIVE! standard.  After some thought we have developed new plans for each model so that they can be reintroduced.  Be sure to read their product descriptions for full details about each model.  Because of the unusual way they have come to exist, they will not be reproduced.


To know when the model you are looking for is go to be in stock keep up with the production run by signing up for our Newsletter, visiting our Production Schedule page, and following us @SurviveKnives on Instagram.


For more information on the introduction of the SK Series, what this means for the GSO Series, and the future of SURVIVE!, visit our News and Information page and News Blog