SURVIVE! is currently experiencing high demand, so there is very limited availability. To know when the model you are looking for is going to be in stock keep up with the production run by signing up for our Newsletter, visiting our Production Schedule page, and following us @SurviveKnives on Instagram. For specific information about each Series, see below:

SK Series:

Our premium production offering, the SURVIVE! SK Series is currently in production. Right now we are beginning to implement new procedures which will allow us to scale up the SURVIVE! SK Series production. Blades are in production now, with the SK-12 slated to be in stock first.

Some models will be available for preordering to help us boost initial production runs.  Placing a preorder guarantees a slot for the exact knife you're looking for but does mean you'll have to wait a few months for delivery. If you aren't into preordering, not to worry, there are plenty of extra knives produced in each run. 

Once existing preorders have been fulfilled these will be sold through a mix of 'ready to ship' and 'built to order' options.

GSO Series:

The GSO Series is a more exclusive offering with limited availability.  If a preorder is refunded, that slot will be made available for purchase.

Once existing preorders have been fulfilled these will be sold through a mix of ready to ship options and preorders that are finished to customers’ specifications.  

Factory 2nds:

While fulfilling orders we occasionally come across blades with minor cosmetic blemishes.  These are sold as Factory 2nd knives and will be listed for purchasing as they are found.