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SK Series:

SURVIVE! is currently going through a transition period as a company and we have just released our SK Series. These models do not have delivery dates yet, as we are nailing down exact production timelines, however, they will ship as soon as they arrive back in our workshop after production. Once these runs have been completed we will be able to provide accurate delivery dates for future runs.

Once the SK Series is completely up and running, produced off-site, the SK models will be delivered to our workshop 95% complete. We will check them over for gross defects as part of the final packaging steps, then the SK models will be on the shelf ready and waiting for you to place your order. These models will ship within 1-5 business days. Keep in mind our office and shipping room hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.


GSO Series:

As we work through the remaining GSO models in production, models that are just starting production will be available for a “last chance” preorder. This is your last chance to get your order in for the current production run. After preorders have been fulfilled, additional knives and Factory 2nd models will be made available periodically during Weekly Sales.


If the model you are interested in is not available for any of these options, it is currently in production, or waiting to start production. To know when those are close to being available keep up with the production run by signing up for our Newsletter, visiting our Production Schedule page, and following us @SurviveKnives on Instagram.


For more information on the introduction of the SK Series, what this means for the GSO Series, and the future of SURVIVE!, visit our News and Information page and News Blog