We offer limited preordering for models that are in production. When preordering you have all options available and can make sure you are getting the exact knife you are looking for. Once all of the existing slots for a preorder have been filled that model will not be available again until the knives are being finished. Preorder delivery will depend on how far along the knives are in production. We are aiming to fulfill preorders within 90 days but it can take longer since the knives are still being made. The wait time is why all SURVIVE! preorders are sold at a discounted price.

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Benefits of preordering include:

  • You can pick from the full list of handle and sheath options and we will make your knife exactly the way you want it. 
  • All preorders are discounted at least 5% off current pricing.
  • You don't have to worry about future price increases since your order is already locked in.
  • Guarantees that you get a knife from the upcoming production run, so you don't have to hurt your finger hitting the refresh button when extras drop.
  • Seriously! Our backlog is diminishing and demand is growing quickly. End of run blades are selling out fast and options become limited at the end of each run. We're working hard to scale up as quickly as possible but demand seems to be growing right along with us.

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Ready to Ship

Some of the extra knives from each production run will be prebuilt and sold ready to ship. Options and availability for these are very limited. Keep an eye on the In Stock area to try and catch one of these elusive knives. 

Our small team is working hard to complete EDC Series knives which will start to be In Stock continuously. Check out the EDC-4 here.

Factory 2nds

While fulfilling orders we occasionally come across blades with minor cosmetic blemishes. These are sold as Factory 2nd knives with a 10% discount and will be listed for purchasing as they occur. Now that we have full control of manufacturing there will be less of these and we hope to eliminate them completely.

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