Models that are "In Production" or "Starting Production" are available for preorder in limited quantities.  If an existing preorder is refunded that slot will be made available for purchase, so check back regularly.

Before placing an order be sure to check our Production Schedule page to see when the knife is estimated to be delivered.  That information should also be listed on each product page.  If you are not comfortable with the wait associated with the model you are getting, please reconsider.  When placing a preorder we do take full payment upfront so that we can stay focused on making knives instead of contacting people to process payments. 

After you've placed an order be sure to sign up for our monthly 1st Friday Production Newsletter to see when your model is starting to be delivered.  We do our best to fulfill preorders in the order that they were placed so it may take a few weeks for you to receive your knife.

If you do not wish to place a preorder, there will be some extras available after existing preorders have been fulfilled.  

While fulfilling orders we occasionally come across blades with minor cosmetic blemishes.  These are sold as Factory 2nd knives and will be listed for purchasing as they occur.

Keep up with production by signing up for our Newsletter, visiting our Production Schedule page, and following us @SurviveKnives on Instagram.