We offer limited preorders for models that are in production or starting production soon.  When preordering you have all options available and can make sure you are getting the exact knife you are looking for.  Once all of the existing slots for a preorder have been filled that model will not be available again until the knives are being finished.  With our current production schedule, preorders will take 4-8 months to be delivered, but we are working hard to get that down to 3-6 months.

Preorders are charged in full up front for 2 reasons:

  1. Getting ahold of people for final payment and processing those payments takes time.  That is time that we would prefer to spend in the workshop making knives.
  2. It significantly helps us as a small business.  Initially, preorders were utilized to allow us to pay for up front costs with vendors.  Now that we have taken the leap and are making all of the knives ourselves, preorders help to cover the cost of raw materials and go toward keeping the lights on and employees happy during the 3-6 months it takes for a production run to be completed.  It also allows us to make investments to improve the product and processes so we can continue to grow and, maybe someday, meet demand.
Regular Ordering

As we are finishing production and we have a good idea of how many extra blades there will be we will make some available for ordering.  These knives will have some options available, but will be more and more limited as choices sell out.  There is often a 30-90 day delivery estimate, which will be listed on each product page.  

Ready to Ship

Some of the extra knives from each production run will be built and sold ready to ship.  Options and availability for these will be very limited.  

Factory 2nds

While fulfilling orders we occasionally come across blades with minor cosmetic blemishes.  These are sold as Factory 2nd knives with a 10% discount and will be listed for purchasing as they occur.  Now that we have full control of manufacturing there will be less of these and we hope to eliminate them completely before 2022.

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