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Starting Production


The all new GSO-4.7 is about to begin production and is expected to deliver in December.  Completely redesigned! This is a full sized knife in a very purposeful, compact package. The 4 3/4"...
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The SURVIVE! GSO-3.5 is a small chore knife that is big on cutting performance. It's feather light weight and compact size perfectly compliments those users with small to medium hands. This little...
In Production


This model is currently in production. The estimated completion date is September-October. Please sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on the SURVIVE! production...
In Production


The TSK is currently in production and is expected to deliver in August 2020.  The SURVIVE! TSK(Tactical Steak Knife) is an all new design for 2020. With a maximum blade height of only .75",...