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Will be available for regular ordering once existing orders have been fulfilled. Check our Production Schedule for the latest information. Be sure to keep an eye on our Production Schedule page and...

GSO-7/7 Factory 2nd

These GSO-7/7 Factory 2nds are being offered for a 10% discount due to small cosmetic blemishes. Taking a year's worth of feedback and never being happy with "good enough", we completely...


Update: We have decided to suspend production, at least for the time being, on the F1 and any other models beyond the GSO-4.7/GSO-5.5. We'll be revisiting the F1 once we've powered through everything...
Available Soon


The SURVIVE! GSO-3.5 is a small chore knife that is big on cutting performance. It's feather light weight and compact size perfectly compliments those users with small to medium hands. This little...