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GSO-4 Limited Sheaths

Looking for a sheath for your GSO-4 Limited?  We now have a sleek, low bulk kydex option to pair with it. This sheath features adjustable retention and a reversible drop loop attachment, for...
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GSO-4 Limited Factory 2nd

In 2013, because of demand for it, SURVIVE! produced a batch of GSO-4.1's with a scandi grind instead of our more familiar saber style grind. During our usual abuse testing Guy decided he just wasn't...
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GSO-4.1 (Available Soon)

The GSO-4.1s are being finished up in our workshop.  They will be available for regular order once all existing preorders and presale orders have been fulfilled.  Please keep an eye on the...
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SK-3.5 (In Production)

The SK-3.5 is currently in production.  Keep an eye on the Production Schedule page to know when they are close to being available. The SK-3.5 is modeled after the most recent GSO-3.5...
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