Before contacting us check out some frequently asked questions.

We are a small team that focuses most of our energy on fulfilling orders in the workshop. Please help us reduce the time we need to spend on the computer answering messages by reviewing this information first.

I've been doing my best to reply to each and every email but most of my days are spent out in the shop, working hard to fulfill orders. As a small team of 4, I represent 25% of our shop workforce and all 4 of us play multiple critical roles in keeping everything in the shop moving smoothly. At this point, our inbox is overwhelmed with individual requests for delivery information and I am unable to keep up. There are only so many hours in each day, so the more time I commit to providing individual updates, the less time I am able to commit to actually making your knives. It also makes it difficult to sort through and take care of address updates and other vital communications, leading to more time lost redoing shipping labels and other odd tasks instead of working on orders.

Our craft approach to manufacturing means each knife is given a lot of individual attention to ensure the highest quality. We're able to offer this individual attention at a highly competitive price by keeping our operations very lean and our mission single mindedly focused on doing the best job possible with each and every knife build. As we're getting fully established as a manufacturing company, our top priorities are fulfilling orders and continuing to make investments toward process refinement and increasing production capacity. By spring we'll be looking for someone to begin helping out with administration and customer relations. That person, or possibly multiple people, will have to absorb a lot of knowledge to be maximally useful to the team and all of you. We want to ensure we're welcoming folks who are a good fit for our small team and that we have the time available to train them properly. If we tried to hire someone now we would absolutely be setting them up for failure. Not only would that be unfair to any prospective hire, it would be a loss of resources that will be going toward knife production instead.

With all of that said, I do understand the need to know that your order is indeed being worked on and when it might deliver, which is why we have setup various ways to receive that information:

- We post regular updates to social media:




- Our newsletter will send updates directly to your inbox, sign up here:

- We maintain a Production Schedule Page on our website:

Please take the time to look through those resources and see that we are working hard everyday to get your knife into your hands as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality.

Thank you! - Ellie

SURVIVE! products are made with the highest quality materials available and a keen attention to detail. Despite that, we are dedicated to keeping our prices low and offering an industry leading value. We accomplish this by keeping our operations lean, our mission focused on quality and by selling directly to you, our valued customers. While many companies will inflate the costs of their products to create the illusion of value through sales and discounts, we would rather keep our prices relative to the cost of production. Our approach ensures that you're not only getting a great knife but also an unmatched value.

Sure, we may never get rich following this path and our pricing structure doesn’t leave margin on the table for a dealer network but that isn’t why we started this business. From its inception, our goal with SURVIVE! has been to produce the highest quality, most functional tools possible, and to bring something of genuine value to the market. We know that you work hard for your money, so we do too.

While we do not have large sales or discount codes there are some ways to save on your SURVIVE! purchase:

- Factory 2nds are available on the In Stock page as we come across them. These are sold at a 10% discount because of their minor cosmetic blemishes. They are not the prettiest knives we make but they still work hard and are covered by our full warranty.

- There is a tiered discount for larger orders, the more you buy the larger the discount. This discount is commonly used by collectors and resellers.

- We do offer a discount to military and emergency services personnel. Contact us with some form of proof of employment and we will get your customer account setup to receive the discount.

If you are not able to find and answer to your question above please fill out our Contact Form. We will do our best to reply as soon as we can.