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This model is currently in finishing.  Orders are being built, sharpened, and shipped.

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Quite simply put the GSO-12 is a monster but make no mistake, this isn't some novelty item. With its 12" blade length, heavier weight and edge forward design, the GSO-12 is a pure chopping design. The very robust .250" blade thickness will deliver fantastic energy for fast and efficient chopping, no matter what task you're faced with. Whether you're clearing heavy brush, felling small trees, shelter building, processing firewood, or delimbing a tree for your treestand, the GSO-12 is a tool that you'll quickly come to rely on. The expertly heat treated CPM-3V steel will ensure at least a lifetime of faithful service.

Our high quality Torx T-25 style fasteners are precision machined from 17-4PH stainless steel.  Key features of the kydex sheaths include: excellent retention, drain channels, and several attachment options with slots and eyelets, in addition to the kydex clip.  The satin stonewash finish on the blade provides extra durability while maintaining a sharp enough spine for use with most ferro rods.

A bit about the steel used in SURVIVE! Knives:

CPM-3V is a high alloyed tool steel, made using the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process, that has a very high impact toughness and excellent edge holding. Being made with the CPM process, this steel is also very resistant to lateral stress (flex) breakage, making it a perfect choice for a high performance, hard use knife. CPM-3V is not a stainless alloy and can stain if not cared for.  Check out the CPM-3V Data Sheet.

Steel *
Handles (see video below for details) *
Sheath *
Check out our Production Schedule page to know when this model will be finishing production.
Blade Length
Blade Height
2.43" at widest section
Blade Thickness
Overall Lengh
1 lb 14 oz


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What a beast!
Written by PETER / Chiral on Oct 8th 2021

I have been putting this knife to work whenever able over the past few weeks. It is easily my best chopper, combining length and weight and geometry for a deep bite that splits well. My thinner machetes will bind in wood. My hatchets will split pieces out but do not bite as deep to begin with and so struggle in wood that is more difficult to split. My original GSO-10 and my other ‘chopping knives’ lack both the length and heft of the GSO-12. In each case, it requires more effort to accomplish the same amount of work. This thing is awesome! In addition, it makes a devastating thrower :) The included kydex sheath is a premium product in itself, you will not find a better. That typed, the belt-clip and platform included with the sheath aren't ideal, it rides too high for usable drawing/sheathing of the knife. In addition, you can't swap out the clip for a tek-lok or alternative accessory due to the hole spacing. It would have been nice if Survive! had spec'd their sheath and clip to have holes at the 0.75" or 1.5" o.c. distances found elsewhere. The sheath has plenty of slots to accommodate, but it would have been so easy to do it right from the start. Oh well! Here's a video demonstrating my GSO-12 in use as well as some of my experiences with it:

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