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This is NOT a knife. This product is a way to sign up for newsletters that are specific to SURVIVE! Folding Knives.

SURVIVE! is looking to the future and we want your input!  In case you missed recent updates, we are our own manufacturer now and we have seen just how effective our dream team is when everyone is focused on a common goal.  Which means we are starting to work on an extended production schedule, and we would like to get an idea of what you are interested in.

Let us know which model you are looking forward to by selecting it above and placing an order.  Don't worry, no payment is required.  Once you've placed your order, the email address you used will be added to the list of people who will be contacted first when ordering opens.  You will also receive an occasional status update from us. 

Be sure to check out the F1 and F2 product pages for more photos:

SURVIVE! F1 Folder   SURVIVE! F2 Folder

Important details:

  • This is a long-term endeavor.  We are still getting fixed blade production optimized and have not added any of these folding knives to the production schedule.  It could be years until a SURVIVE! folding knife is available to order.
  • Pricing has not been determined yet.  A rough guess would be $275-$400 depending on model sizing and costs once we start production.
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