The plan for 2020

In this post we’ll be discussing current production and the future of SURVIVE!

As fun as this ride has been so far, it is time for us to begin working toward a change of pace. SURVIVE! has been the center of our lives for over 8 years now and while we really enjoy making knives, we do have other life interests that have been put on the back burner, time and time again, for the sake of the business. Personal time, family events, spending time with friends, enjoying the outdoors... It has all taken a back seat, as we first worked to overcome the production obstacles/delays associated with using outside vendors and now more recently as we’ve worked to consolidate everything under one roof to grow and expand SURVIVE!. 

This hasn't been great for our customers either. The production delays and lack of availability are sources of frustration for many of you as well. These issues were definitely not our intention when we started all of this but they are still the result of decisions we made while working to improve the knives and trying to grow the business to meet demand. It's been a journey to finally get to where we are today, and we truly appreciate those of you who stuck with us through those hard times. 

As we look ahead, toward a future where the business is even larger, we’re finding ourselves less and less able to be excited about it. Rather than continuing down this path indefinitely, we're making the decision to wrap up our current promises, then take a step back to breathe and appreciate life for a bit. When we return, our sole focus at SURVIVE! will be producing meticulously crafted, small batch runs of knives. These will be offered in a way that allows us to better manage the balance between work and our personal interests.  While there may still be scarce availability at first, we believe that our new equipment and improved workflow will help us to grow in a more natural and sustainable way moving into the future.

With that in mind, here is how current production is shaking out for the remaining models on the schedule. These delivery estimates are based on what we currently have in the pipeline, where each of the models are in the production process, and our current capacity to complete each model to the highest standard possible.

  • GSO-7/7 orders are fulfilled
  • GSO-3.5 orders are scheduled to be completed in June-July.

From there our plan is to be wrapping up subsequent models every 4-6 weeks, depending on run size. The tentative production timeline is as follows:

  • GSO-12 and GSO-6: July-August
  • GSO-4.5 and TSK: August-September
  • GSO-10 and GSO-8: September-October
  • GSO-5.1: October-November
  • SK-4.1, SK-2.7... With the plan to completely discontinue the SK Series (more details below) these will not be happening. Orders for SK-4.1 and SK-2.7 models will be receiving a complimentary upgrade to the all new GSO-4 and GSO-3, both set to be wrapping up: November-December
  • GSO-4.7 and GSO-5.5: November-December
  • The EDC-2, being a much smaller and less time consuming model, will be finished up as machine time permits, roughly: August
  • Since we have enough equipment and production capacity now, small prototype batches of the SURVIVE! F1 and F2 folder models may still be produced before we take a break. We’ll keep you updated on those as we work our way through the other models on the schedule.

Updated: 06.17.2020

With our recent investments to improve production efficiency, we feel very confident in these rough timelines for several reasons:

  • Moving forward, all production is being done under one roof, meaning:
    • Guy is immediately available to approve parts and processes.
    • Individual parts can be test fit throughout production.
    • Less time lost and damages due to shipping parts.
  • All necessary materials are on hand, for minimal delays.
  • We now have enough equipment and capacity to comfortably reach these goals.
  • Production runs are getting smaller and smaller along the way, making each run less and less time consuming to complete.

With our plans to dramatically scale back and refocus production, we are completely abandoning the idea of the SK Series line of knives. Let’s face it, all of the budget options we’ve ever proposed were never that well received anyway. You demand the very best, so that is what we’re going to give you. To that end, if you currently have an SK Series knife on order, this is your lucky day, you will be receiving a complimentary upgrade to a GSO Series equivalent at no additional cost.

Ordering for all models currently in production is now open, with availability being limited to what is already in the pipeline. By preordering one of these models, you’re guaranteeing a slot for a GSO Series knife that is currently being made. If you would rather not pay and wait, there will be a small amount of extras available at the end of each run, if you’re quick. If all available slots are sold, you might also be able to pick up a knife on the secondary market or from a future production run, if and when the model you are interested in is produced again.

While things will be changing, this is certainly not the end. After taking some time to recharge, we will eventually be returning to offer limited runs of GSO Series knives exclusively through our new partnership, The Knife Syndicate. Representing an expanding list of brands, The Knife Syndicate is a newly formed manufacturing collective, where you’ll soon find exclusives from other manufacturing partners, affiliate brands, and industry friends, as well as collaborative endeavors, accessories, services, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Stay tuned for that over the coming months. SURVIVE! will also continue to maintain limited amounts of exclusive models, available through folks like Black Scout Survival.

So that is about it for now. We’ll continue to keep you up to speed each month with our First Friday Newsletters, as we start checking these last models off the production schedule.