Tac Series and The Knife Syndicate

The Tac 4 and Tac 5 designs were a collaborative effort between Guy and TJ Schwarz, of Schwarz Design, and were created to be Millit Knives branded models. The plan was for these knives to be produced using SURVIVE! materials and assets, with Millit Knives contributing labor and the use of their brand name in exchange for sales based royalties. The knives were going to be sold through the Knife Syndicate.

Wondering about the Knife Syndicate now? The idea was to begin giving Millit Knives additional value as a brand, as we worked toward our goal of consolidating our two companies into what we hoped at the time would be one larger and more capable manufacturing entity, the Knife Syndicate. "Millit Knives" and "SURVIVE!" would both continue as brands under the Knife Syndicate umbrella.

With Millit Knives moving on to pursue their own opportunities instead, the Knife Syndicate is currently a stalled concept. It was agreed that Millit's labor expenses for these projects would go toward their rent and the blades have been left with us to be completed. So what to do with these knives now?

We've decided to make them available to you! Quite frankly, Millit's departure did leave a lot of little holes around the shop that need to be filled for optimal efficiency. Smaller manual equipment to keep the machine shop moving smoothly, additional workbenches, a MASSIVE amount of tools and tooling needed for ramping up... Just a lot of random stuff. The sales from the Tac knives will go directly toward these items as well as new staff to start immediately scaling up production. We already have several promising leads being tested out this week!

These models are very limited with only 75-80 being produced.  Because of the small batch nature off these runs the Tac knives will all be individually numbered.  Check our Production Schedule page for the most up to date delivery and production information.

The path forward is now clear. In the past, we lost a lot of precious time and energy, waiting and hoping that other service providers would be able to make knives to our high standards. As we move forward, we are the manufacturer, upholding our own standards and responsible for our own decisions. From sheets of raw steel to finished knives, we have all of the needed production capabilities in-house to meet our goals. We are bootstrapping (still) and getting knives moving (finally). The future is bright here at SURVIVE!

If you're not into the Tac Series there are also a lot of GSO Series knives currently in production. Check out our full range of knives when you have a moment.

Last but certainly not least, we want to extend a HUGE thanks to everyone for the kind words as we transition to becoming a full manufacturing company. From the old school die-hards to the newer folks who've only recently found us, your support and encouragement have meant more to us than you'll ever know.

- the SURVIVE! Team