SURVIVE! - The Next Phase

SURVIVE! is in a new phase! We are so excited to finally have our own manufacturing company that is completely focused on SURVIVE! products. It has been quite a journey, but we’ve finally arrived.

In an effort to get our oldest orders fulfilled ASAP, we’ll be closing ordering for the models that have been on the production schedule for years. The GSO-3.5GSO-6 and GSO-12 blades that are listed now will be your last chance to grab one of those models for a long time. We’re wrapping these runs up and moving on to finishing GSO-4.5GSO-10, and GSO-8 preorders as soon as they are done with surface and bevel grinding. Next, those models will be closing to make sure we are able to fully focus on the GSO-5.1s, and so on. As we add new models to the Production Schedule, we will continue to limit the quantity of preorders available so we can maintain control of our timelines and our quality.

Our goal is to deliver the oldest orders as soon as possible, then start reducing lead times for knives that are ordered now and in the future. While we will never be able to fully keep up with demand, we’re finally able to maintain a predictable production flow and keep those wait times down to something reasonable.

Speaking of lead times, if you’re interested in more details, keep reading.

How are we so confident that we will be able to quickly get ahead of current delays?

Because despite the issues along the way we’ve still fulfilled 94% of the oldest orders. There are less than 200 of those remaining, most of which are for the GSO-12 that is being completed now. In a few weeks that number is going to be around 100 and will be comprised of only the earliest preorders for the GSO-4.5, GSO-10, and GSO-8. Those knives have all been heat treated and are working their way through final production steps, so we will be closing out all of those oldest orders within the next few months.

As we are working on each model you will notice that we jump from 2016 to 2019 orders pretty quickly and move through the remaining orders much faster than the earliest ones. This is because we stopped taking orders for an entire year while trying to work things out with our vendors. When we did list knives again, we strictly limited how many were available. As a result, the more recent orders are half as many as what was placed before our year long pause in sales.

So, when you are hearing about the folks getting their knives after a 5+ year wait it can seem daunting, but the reality is that we’ve still been fulfilling orders this entire time. In fact, we have fulfilled nearly 10,000 knife orders since 2015! We aren't counting orders that were on previous websites, placed in 2012-2014.

For the first time ever we have all the equipment to do the work in house, a team of great people and a plan for moving forward.