Introducing: the Vendetta Series

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week. - George Smith Patton Jr.

We would like to introduce our newest purpose driven series of knives, the Vendetta Series.  Opening with three designs, the V-5.5, V-4.5, and Pikal.  There will be additional models debuting soon.

V-5.5   V-4.5   Pikal

The Vendetta Series knives will be cutting on the waterjet soon and machining fixtures are being programmed.  These runs are part of our plan to have smaller but more frequent production runs so these preorders are limited to 100 slots.  The first 100 knives of each model will be individually numbered.

Now that the shop is dedicated to making SURVIVE! products we are seeing just how quickly and efficiently production can move. We want to keep that waterjet cutting and the machine shop busy, so it's time to pull some files off the shelves and dust the cobwebs off of them. Over the years Guy and the team have been drawing out and refining new designs but they ended up being shelved because production was never able to keep up. Now that's all changed!

With the bulk of our current backlog now either in the final machining or finishing stages, it is time to look toward the future and what will come next. The introduction of the new Vendetta Series will keep the "back of house" machine shop busy while the "front of house" grinding and finishing team members focus solely on closing out our older production runs. As these new models are returning from heat treat, we fully anticipate being caught up with older orders and ready to finish out newer production runs quickly and without the significant delays that have burdened us in the past.

This is only the beginning. In addition to upcoming late arrivals to the Vendetta Series, we'll also be offering other exciting new models across a variety of series', as one by one, we scratch the large older production runs off our hit list.