SURVIVE! Covid-19 Update

These are strange and unprecedented times. As Covid-19 continues to spread throughout our communities, everyone has had to make adjustments to their daily lives. Here are some of the facts about our specific situation and the actions that SURVIVE! is taking to help combat this coronavirus while still getting orders fulfilled:

  • The Idaho governor has issued an order requiring people to stay at home, except for essential activities.
  • Guy will be camping in the SURVIVE! office for the duration, so that he can continue to work while adhering to the shelter order and protecting his high-risk family from the coronavirus.
  • The workshop has been closed to all visitors and delivery personnel are being asked to leave packages at the main entrance.
  • Every effort is being taken to keep the workshop a clean and safe environment.
  • We have stocked up on consumables and other materials needed to make our knives.
  • Production is still moving forward, though the stay at home order has reduced our overall capacity.

We have taken every effort to be able to continue shipping orders throughout this time, but we cannot predict the future. There may be additional delays as the situation evolves. Especially if this lasts longer than anticipated or tighter restrictions are put in place locally and around the country. We will continue to update you of any changes.

In the meantime, be safe out there. Do what you can to support healthcare workers as well as small businesses. Follow the guidelines put in place by your local health district. Use common sense. Wash your hands. Stay home, if at all possible. Don’t be afraid to seem like you’re overreacting. Stay informed but unplug when necessary. Focus on the good. For those that do have the ability to stay home, enjoy some time with your families, learn a new skill, break old habits, create new positive habits... Just do something productive with your time, and perhaps most importantly, keep a positive attitude. We are all in this together and working together is how we'll beat this!