Big Plans for the Future!

Updated: June 22, 2017 5:15pm PST

What is the big news Guy keeps hinting at on Instagram?

As a relatively young knife company, SURVIVE! is constantly looking for ways to improve.  The customer experience means a lot to us and we have been warned many times that we won’t ever be able to make everyone happy, but we are still determined to try.  One of the ongoing struggles we run into is conflicting feedback.  While some people love the clean lines of our new peened finish, others pine for the old tumbled look.  For every person who hates preorders there is someone else telling us they don’t mind waiting if it means they can lock in an order.  We have gone back and forth, trying to find the right balancing point where we are pleasing as many people as possible.  After many brainstorming sessions, we believe we finally have the answer: divide and conquer!

Our upcoming production runs will be getting split up after production grinding.  One batch will head to the SURVIVE! Workshop to fulfill existing GSO preorders.  The remaining blades will head to Precision Plus, a leader in high quality manufacturing, where they will become our new SK Series!  These will be high quality blades that are much more readily available.  The SK Series will be the go to option when looking for a reliable cutting tool and a reliable delivery date.  Scroll down for more details about the SK Series.  For the folks wondering about the future of the GSO Series, check out the information further down.  By setting up two separate lines, we will be able to quickly scale up to meet growing demand while sticking to our founding principles of continued innovation, high quality, and reasonable pricing.

What is the SK Series all about?

So, how can we deliver a quality product at a reasonable price- and have enough blades available to satisfy demand?  The SK Series!  Thanks to investment funding specifically for the SK line, initial runs will be starting production in conjunction with the GSO Series models.  Instead of using the extra blade blanks to increase the number of GSO knives, those blade blanks will head to a US based company with years of experience in contract manufacturing.  Produced off-site, the SK models will be delivered to our workshop 95% complete.  We will check them over for gross defects as part of the final packaging steps; and then an SK Series knife will be on the shelf ready and waiting for you to place your order.

  • Quality:
    • Made in the USA
    • Produced using some of the most functional materials available: all SK Series knives will be in CPM-3VΔ steel with your choice of canvas micarta handles
    • Designed by Guy Seiferd, after years of personal use and customer feedback on the GSO line
  • Pricing:
    • Fewer options and focusing on the utility aspect of each design means lower costs
    • Less overhead, orders are fulfilled by a small but highly effective team
    • By continuing the SURVIVE! tradition of selling direct to you, we are able to offer industry leading quality while keeping prices relatively low
  • Readily Available:
    • Regular orders will ship within 1-5 business days
    • Produced by an industry leading manufacturer with proven delivery results
    • Focusing on fewer models will allow for larger and more frequent production runs
    • Compared to the GSO Series the QC will be less stringent, meaning less time spent reworking blades

Ideally, the SK Series knives will be in stock at all times, but based on customer feedback we are expecting them to be a very popular option.  Since this is new to us, we really aren’t sure how many SK Knives to have produced.  In order to gauge genuine interest in the SK Series we are temporarily offering a preorder on those models that are up next to start production.  The SK-12 and SK-6 are both available for preorder until July 22nd, with a $25 non-refundable deposit.  Because there will be a good bit of admin work involved in contacting individuals for final payment information, we are also offering folks a 5% discount if they pay the full amount in advance.  If you choose to pay in advance, there will still be a $25 non-refundable portion if you decide you do not want to wait for the knives to finish production.

What about the folks who want that extra attention to detail that SURVIVE! currently offers?

In this transition, the GSO Series will continue to be a premier knife line that is focused on innovation and produced in the SURVIVE! Workshop to the Guy Seiferd Original Standard.  We will still be doing everything we can to fulfill GSO preorders as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.  However, there will be some big changes taking place as the GSO production returns to smaller, less frequent production runs (after all existing orders have been fulfilled).  Upcoming runs will have very few leftover blades so presales will no longer be available and Wednesday sales will be infrequent, at least until existing orders have all been shipped.  Because of Guy’s interest in innovation, the GSO series will largely be limited edition production runs, focused on whatever he decides he wants to work on at that moment.  Prices will increase to reflect the amount of time and level of care that goes into each knife.  For more customizing options, super tight fit & finish, and ongoing innovations (like microtextured handles, peened surface finish, and more) keep an eye on the GSO Series, our crafted production line.

I’ve been waiting forever, how will I be able to get a GSO knife if they are going to be more expensive and even harder to get ahold of?

To ease the transition for folks who have been waiting for their chance to order a GSO knife, we will be running final preorders for each of the upcoming GSO models as they get close to starting production.  These preorders will be your last chance to lock in an order for a GSO knife.

What about my already existing preorder?

Preorder holders will see the biggest benefit from this change.  In the past, we have been trying to increase our production run sizes to meet demand so preorders were only a portion of each run, with there being hundreds of blades for regular sales.  Now, the extra materials are slated for SK production, so the SURVIVE! Workshop will be focusing all of our attention on fulfilling existing GSO orders.  While this will speed up delivery times, there are still a lot of preorders that we are working our way through.  There is no magic button that will allow us to suddenly fulfill those existing orders all at once.  With that being said, the GSO-4.1 and GSO-7/7 materials are all here and preorders are being fulfilled in regular batches.  Once those are shipped we’ll have completed 90% of the SURVIVE! Starter orders and will be more than halfway through all preorders.

Final Words

Please know that more information may be added to this page.  We will also be making updates to our website as we roll out these changes.

The SURVIVE! Team is very excited about where the company is headed.  We know this transition period will have its ups and downs but it is a necessary step for growth.  We want to thank you all so much for your patience through our growing pains and the continued support.  We are looking forward to providing an improved customer experience for everyone, for many years to come.