100 Days of Manufacturing!

It has been just over 100 days since SURVIVE! made the investments needed to become a full manufacturing company. The results are much better than we had anticipated, easily making this one of the best decisions we have ever made!

  • The number of knives shipping out has doubled and will be increasing even more soon.
    • Next month we are welcoming a new teammate with experience as a manufacturing general manager. He will help streamline processes even further, so we are really excited for him to start!
  • The last of the GSO-3.5 orders will be getting built in the next few days and the GSO-6 orders are very close behind them.
  • Our machining capabilities have improved considerably. We are making better parts more quickly and have seen a massive drop in the number of blades that are not up to our standards.
    • The new waterjet cuts faster and does a cleaner job. We have eliminated scrapped parts due to faulty waterjet cutting.
    • Having a newer machine for bevel grinding has improved the grinding finish and consistency. There has been less loss and blades don’t need to be reground. 
    • Thanks to recent investments put toward surface grinding, we’re now getting caught up quickly. More than enough blades are being ground each week to keep the new bevel grinder working hard.
    • We have implemented Pierson Workholding Pallet Systems to reduce machine down time. Each machine can be running a program and then immediately be changed to a different program with high repeatability. We will get a video together of the changeover, stay tuned!
  • Everyone and everything in the workshop is fully focused on SURVIVE! production. By eliminating other projects going on in the workshop we are able to:
    • Spend less time tearing down and resetting machines and changing tooling.
    • Stick with consistent standards, so no one has to second guess if a part is good or bad.
    • Have a consistent workflow that can be planned for and around, to avoid bottlenecks.
  • With all this going on, the oldest preorders are on schedule to be fulfilled within the next 4 months. As those finish up the lead time for new preorders will be shortening considerably, getting down to only 3-6 months.
  • Production has been going so well that we added the Necker II to the production schedule and introduced the new Vendetta Series.

We have been busy these past 100 days but the next 100 are going to be even better! Check back here and follow us on Instagram for regular updates.