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The SURVIVE! GSO-8 came into existence because of customer demand and user feedback. A group of SURVIVE! fans were looking for a camp knife that would be useful for a variety of general tasks but still large and robust enough to be chop-able; Something that would have much of the capability of the larger GSO-10 but in a more compact package. This design began as a creative challenge but since its completion the GSO-8 has quickly become one of our favorite designs. 

Our high quality Torx T-25 style fasteners are precision machined from 17-4PH stainless steel.  Key features of the kydex sheaths include: excellent retention, drain channels, and several attachment options with slots and eyelets, in addition to the kydex clip.  The satin stonewash finish on the blade provides extra durability while maintaining a sharp enough spine for use with most ferro rods.

Production and Delivery Information:

The GSO-8 is in production right now.  For the most up to date information check our Production Schedule page. 

A bit about the steel used in SURVIVE! Knives:

CPM-3V is a high alloyed tool steel, made using the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process, that has a very high impact toughness and excellent edge holding. Being made with the CPM process, this steel is also very resistant to lateral stress (flex) breakage, making it a perfect choice for a high performance, hard use knife. CPM-3V is not a stainless alloy and can stain if not cared for.  Check out the CPM-3V Data Sheet.


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Steel *
Handles (see video below for details) *
Sheath *
Blade Material
Blade Length
8" (tip to front of handle)
Blade Height
Blade Thickness
Overall Length
18.4 oz | 522 g


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