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The last of the GSO-4 Limited run will be made available as blades are built and sharpened.  Orders will ship within 10 days of being placed.

In 2013, because of demand for it, SURVIVE! produced a batch of GSO-4.1's with a scandi grind instead of our more familiar saber style grind. During our usual abuse testing Guy decided he just wasn't happy with the durability of the scandi style grind. Additionally, the high chromium, high vanadium content of the CPM-20CV alloy also meant that they were very time consuming to resharpen. Rather than put out something he wasn't 100% satisfied with, Guy instead decided it was better to not release them. Rather than leaving them in a box to collect dust indefinitely or scrapping them out, Guy started developing another idea. Pulling elements from the GSO-4.5 Bushcraft knife design, the blank profile was completely reworked into a brand new design and the GSO-4 Limited was born.

With a blade height of only 1.10", a very acute point, razor thin cutting edge and .125" thick blade stock, this design was made to slice. Wood carving, bushcrafting, game processing, food prep, you name it. If you are looking for an efficient slicer, with outstanding edge holding and excellent corrosion resistance, then look no further.

Despite their best efforts at production grinding, some of the original scandi edge was still visible on these blades toward the tip. Each blade will be reground and fine tuned by hand to eliminate any inconsistencies. As a result, each blade will be unique.

These GSO-4 Limiteds come in CPM-20CV with Camo Canvas handles and Tumbled 416 stainless steel fasteners.  The handles will be micro-textured and contoured like our newer spec model handles.  These come with a Sagewood Gear pouch style sheath or a taco style kydex sheath.


 - You are not required to purchase this knife with a sheath, but it is highly recommended that you do.
 - Cancellations are subject to a 10% cancellation fee to cover the cost of the payment processing, and other handling costs.


Reviews (3)

Duane Jul 5th 2019

Second to none quality

I was lucky enough to stumble onto Survive Knives website while organizing knife materials and venders to do my own survival knife build. I was wanting to retire my old USMC K-Bar and was seriously disappointed with the offerings out there from various knife manufacturers. Their knives were ether way over built and too heavy as a result, or they compromised on materials or ergonomics and were destined for a listing on eBay; that is, until I discovered Survive Knives. Materials, design, craftsmanship and ergonomics are spot on; good enough for this jar-head to scrape my own design and go with someone else's. There so good I have two, the GSO-2.7 as a back up skinning knife and the GSO-4 limited. for backpacking. They're worth the wait time. Cheers!

Grizzly May 4th 2019

Replaced all other brands

I had to buy mine on the secondary market. Survive Knives has the best micarta scales out of every manufacturer. These are truly grippy and feel great in hand. The size of the GSO 4 is perfect for everything. Well except for hacking your way through the jungle. Only way it could be better was if it came in a flat grind. I definitely recommend it. I've began selling my other fixed blade knives manufactured by other companies on Ebay. I won't buy a fixed blade from anyone else ever again. I just wish they would figure out how to manufacture faster to keep up with demand and make them easier to buy.

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