Limited Edition

This area is for the odd models that don't quite fit in anywhere.  This will include special production runs, one off items, and the occasional batch of custom works from Guy.  Check each product's description for full details.

  • GSO-4 Limited after production grinding

    GSO-4 Limited (Presale)
    $299.00 $284.00

    In 2013, because of demand for it, SURVIVE! produced a batch of GSO-4.1's with a scandi grind instead of our more familiar saber style grind. During our usual abuse testing Guy decided he just wasn't happy with the...

  • SURVIVE! GSO-4.7 Cru Forge V

    GSO-4.7 Cru Forge V (Out of Stock)

    This particular GSO-4.7 model is an oddity in the SURVIVE! line-up.  It doesn't quite fit in anywhere, as the steel being used is new to SURVIVE! and relatively uncommon in the knife industry.  This model was...