Factory 2nds

You won't find any safe queens here. This page is dedicated to the ugly Bettys, available for the users who are just looking for a high quality working tool. They're a pretty good deal too!

  • GSO-4.1 Factory 2nds

    GSO-4.1 Factory 2nds
    $234.00 $210.00

    While working on fulfilling existing GSO-4.1 orders, we occasionally come across blades with cosmetic defects.  Those will be made available here as Factory 2nds.  Please see our Production Schedule page for...

  • GSO-7/7 with 3 Color Camo G10 handles and tumbled fasteners

    GSO-7/7 Factory 2nd
    $274.00 $246.00

    These GSO-7/7 Factory 2nds are being offered for a 10% discount due to small cosmetic blemishes. Taking a year's worth of feedback and never being happy with "good enough", we completely redesigned the GSO-7/7 in 2015...