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The GSO-3.5 is currently in production.  Keep an eye on the production schedule for estimated completion dates for each knife model.

This revision has brought some significant changes to the SURVIVE! GSO-3.5. Ergonomics have been greatly improved and the design overall has been streamlined substantially. Similar to the GSO-4.1, the GSO-3.5 has benefited from a deepened finger pocket, enhanced handle profile contouring and a slightly lengthened handle. We have also ditched the handle skeletonizing and two handle bolts on the GSO-3.5, in favor of a solid tang and three handle bolts.

The SURVIVE! GSO-3.5 is a small chore knife that is big on performance. It's feather light weight and compact size perfectly compliments those users with small to medium hands. This little knife is also perfect for those situations where carrying a full sized fixed blade isn't practical but when you still need something more robust than a folding knife.

Our high quality Torx T-25 style fasteners are precision machined from 416 stainless steel.  Key features of the kydex sheaths include: excellent retention, drain channels, and several attachment options with slots and eyelets, in addition to the kydex clip.  The peened finish on the blade provides extra durability and is non-reflective.  The spine is sharp enough for use with most ferro rods.

- You are not required to purchase a kydex sheath with your order but it is HIGHLY recommended that you do so.
- We do not have a set delivery date for preordered knives, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive regular production updates.

A bit about the steel used in SURVIVE! Knives:

CPM-3V is a high alloyed tool steel, made using the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process, that has a very high impact toughness and excellent edge holding. Being made with the CPM process, this steel is also very resistant to lateral stress (flex) breakage, making it a perfect choice for a high performance, hard use knife. CPM-3V is not a stainless alloy and can stain if not cared for.  Check out the CPM-3V Data Sheet.

CPM-20CV is a very high quality martensitic stainless steel, with outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent edge holding. CPM-20CV does lack the impact toughness of CPM-3V but being made with the CPM process, this steel is still very resistant to lateral stress (flex) breakage. Consider CPM-20CV for a very low maintenance, all weather cutting tool.  Here is the CPM-20CV Data Sheet.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

The GSO-3.5 is being waterjet cut. Check our Production Schedule page for the most up-to-date information.
Blade Material:
CPM-3V or CPM-20CV
Blade Length:
3.56" (tip to front of handle)
Blade Height:
Blade Thickness:
Overall Length: